Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage in Your Home or Business?

Are you experiencing flood damage from a broken pipe?

Did you just come home from a great vacation to a flooded property?

Did your toilet overflow?

Did your appliance malfunction and now your standing in water?

Looking for a restoration company?

Well it’s time you relax and understand these are very common occurrence. If you’re insured, the chances of your residential or commercial property being covered by your insurance are in your favor.

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At First To Respond Restoration, timing is everything! We are a top rated water damage cleanup and restoration company proudly serving San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our 1st priority is getting you back on track and restoring your property in a timely matter. This includes having our entire team of professionals help you throughout the process.

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Water Removal and Cleanup

Water Damage Inspection

Water Damage Inspection

Water damage inspections conducted by IICRC certified estimators utilizing moisture detection equipment.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Reconstruction services to restore properties affected by water damage.

Water Damage Remediation San Fernando Valley

Water Damage Remediation

Water damage remediation services for residential and commercial properties.

Water Removal Crawlspace

Crawlspace Remediation

Specialty drying services for flooded crawlspaces, attics, basements and other confined spaces.

Water Cleanup Basement

Basement Water Damage

Water restoration and cleanup services for basement leaks, flooding and water damage.

Flood Cleanup

Flooding Cleanup

Emergency water damage services for bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen flooding.

Structural Drying

Structural Drying

Property structural drying services using advance equipment for residential properties.

Commercial Dryout Services

Commercial Dryout Services

Around the clock commercial dryout services for storefronts, apartment complex, and office buildings. Our staff will arrived to your property in unmarked vehicles and maintain project information confidential.

Disaster Restoration Company

Disaster Restoration

24/7 Emergency restoration services for broken pipes, water heater break, and ceiling leak.

Local Restoration Contractor

Local Restoration Contractor

Proudly serving the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Emergency Water Removal

24/7 Response Team

Have an emergency water clean-up and restoration? We are here for you 24 hours a day.

Water Removal Cost

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Water Removal and Restoration

Certified Water Removal Company

Respond Quickly & Help You File Your Insurance Claim

We will arrive at your property in a timely matter ready to inspect the extent of the damage. In emergency water damages, it is important to get the water out as soon as possible to prevent any chances of microbial growth or secondary damages to unaffected areas. Once the water is out, it’s time to set up the drying equipment. We utilize the most advanced drying equipment in the industry to quickly and efficiently dry-out a structure. This process usually takes at least 3 days.

While the certified water damage technicians handle your water loss, a Project Manager will be assigned to your project. He or she will go over with you the step-by-step process on how to file a claim with your insurance carrier. Once that claim is filed, an adjuster will be assigned to you and you will receive a claim number. Through the entire process the project manager will remain in constant communication with your insurance adjuster.

Water Damage Contractor

Drying & Monitoring Process

Water damage is not biased to what gets damaged and what doesn’t. For example walls, wood components, contents, flooring and insulation may all be damage when in contact with water. Therefore, our technicians will evaluate the extent of the damage using advanced professional moisture detection equipment. Furthermore, the technician will set a “drying goal” and try to meet that goal as efficiently and quickly as possible by utilizing the right tools, equipment, and methods.

Monitoring the equipment is important but so is monitoring of the air being dried which is the invisible part of this whole process technically called “Atmospheric Readings” these are taken with RH units called hygrometers this tool will let us know that we have the affected air at optimum drying conditions to dry the building material in the quickest time possible.

Water Restoration Company

Restoration Process

The air movers and dehumidifiers are out and the once water damaged areas are now dry and ready for repairs. We will provide an estimate to you and your insurance company for the reconstruction repairs that will need to take place from water damaged drywall repair, baseboard replacement, painting, flooring if need be, we try to be as non-destructive as possible through the drying process. Count on our in house repair team to be able to repair your home back to its pre loss condition.

There are a lot of moving parts in a claim and its important you choose a company who is familiar with dealing with the insurance company from a-z. First to Respond Restoration is that company!

Helpful Information

Always think, safety first! Slips and falls & electrical hazards are more common during these events. So, before the professionals arrive, take special caution when dealing with water damage.

What to do during a water emergency

What To Do

Turn off/Stop the water source

Keep water from affecting unaffected areas

Take photos of any damage for insurance purposes

Turn on the A/C to assist with the drying process

Keep children and pets away

What NOT To Do

Do not use standard vacuum to extract water

Do not dry with news papers, they will stain

Keep from using electronics

Be aware of sagging or falling ceilings

Do not assume damage is dry without proper tools indicating otherwise

Do not delay and contact First to Respond Restoration

24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration Los Angeles

Emergency Water Removal

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Water Damage Restoration FAQ

What are the signs of water damage?

Visual signs of water damage consist of cracking, bubbling and/or peeling paint, dark spots, and discoloration that keeps getting worse day by day. Musty odors are another sign of water damage. Also, an increase in your utilities bills and sounds of running water or hissing noise from possible pinhole leak in a supply line. Mold growth is another indicator of a water damage which can be an active or past water issue.

Does a water damage company need to be licensed?

According to CSLB, any contracted work for more than $500 that requires the altering or construction to any building (home or business) must be licensed through the California State License Board. Most water damages consist of removing and or drying building materials that requires extensive knowledge. Since water damage restoration is a specialty trade, hiring a licensed water damage contractor is ideal. As license contractors with water damage expertise, we are familiar with dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, and being well-versed in almost all avenues of construction from plumbing, electrical, up to architecture and engineering vs the average contractor that is used to only handle buildings from ground up or through a private contract not involving insurance. We are capable of navigating our clients through the insurance claim while being able to be California compliant with proper licensing and insurance.

Can I use my property insurance to file a claim for water damage?

We recommend you reach out to your agent to file a claim with your insurance carrier while also describing your damage to the agent who can provide you with an overview of your policy and what you would essentially be covered for.

How can you prevent water damage?

The best way to prevent water damage is to have an inspection program in place. This might sound like a lot but it’s essentially like the initial home inspection, when you bought the property. In most cases, property owners only do it when they purchase a property and never have it done again. We have a “water damage preventative” package that consist of an inspection of the property to note where potential water damage issues may be present and how they should be corrected. If interested, email info@first2respond.com and mention the “water damage preventative” package in the subject line.

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Will Your Insurance Company Cover Your Damage?

About one in 55 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage each year. Ultimately, your insurance company will determine the coverage for your water loss. The most important aspect is to mitigate the property damage. As the policy holder, this is your responsibility. Moreover, your insurance company will validate that you did your part in minimizing the damage by calling a professional water damage company. At FTR Restoration, we have the knowledge and experience in working with your insurance carrier. Call the top water damage remediation company in Los Angeles today, we work with all insurance companies!

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