Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage Damage Cleanup

What’s That Smell?

Is your crawlspace affected by sewage?

Is your plumber unable to access your crawlspace due to the sewage?

Did your sewage drain line break and cause damage?

Did your toilet overflow?

Most of our clients who have experienced sewage damage have reported that their main concerned was the continuous unpleasant odors in their properties. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand that sewage carries biological hazards or invisible threats, such as, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful agents, that may cause adverse reactions or illness. For this reason, sewage cleanup is an emergency service that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid any health concerns or additional damage (mold) to your home or business. Since sewage is considered a Category 3 Water Damage, a highly trained professional should be hired to conduct the remediation phase.

As a Certified Firm, First to Respond Restoration, follows the IICRC guidelines for professional sewage cleanup called the Standard for Water Damage Restoration (S500). This includes the cleanup process and the disposal of the sewage water after each job. Why is this important? It is important that the company you hire helps you cleanup your property correctly and avoids cross contamination by using completely disinfecting equipment on each job.

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At First To Respond Restoration, timing is everything! We are a top rated sewage damage cleanup company proudly serving San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our 1st priority is getting you back on track and restoring your property in a timely matter. This includes having our entire team of professionals help you throughout the process.

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Sewage Repair in San Fernando Valley

Sewage Removal San Fernando Valley

Sewage Removal

Sewage removal and odor control services for affected residential and commercial properties in which FTR utilizes specialized equipment and treatment solutions.

Sewer Line Repair San Fernando Valley

Crawlspace Sewage Cleanup

Inspection and sewage cleanup services of crawlspace and other confined spaces by certified technicians.

Sewer Backup San Fernando Valley

Sewer Backup

Sewage back-up cleanup services that include disinfecting, extracting, and deodorizing of your property.

Toilet Overflow Clean Up San Fernando Valley

Toilet Overflow Cleanup

Sewage remediation services for toilet, tube, and sinks overflow.

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Residential and Commercial Sewage Cleanup

San Fernando Valley Sewer Cleanup

Disinfect / Odor Control

Our certified technicians will apply disinfectant, using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and treat all affected material to contain and reduce the number of microorganisms. Doing so, will reduce or eliminate the unpleasant smells. Affected non-porous contents, such as, plastic bins, glass, or metal are disinfected (wet wipe and cleaned) and moved to an unaffected area.

Remove Sewage Contaminates

Remove the Contaminates

During this step raw sewage or waste is removed using extraction equipment from affected areas.

Disinfect Sewage Area

Complete Detailed Cleaning

Once the waste is removed, it is time for a detailed cleaning. During this step flooring that came in contact or was contaminated with sewage, will have to be removed.

San Fernando Valley Sewer Clean Up

Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect

With sewage we are dealing with biohazard materials; therefore, it is necessary to apply disinfectant again.

Residential Sewage Clean Up

Drying Procedures

Once all the detailed cleaning and disinfecting is complete, the drying procedure begins. All of your affected contents and porous building materials, such as, drywall, fabrics, carpet, untreated wood, will be removed and disposed. We use a range of advanced drying and deodorization equipment to eliminate odor from your property, including: Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers, Thermal Fog, Ozone, and Hydroxly Generators.

Helpful Information

If there are children, pregnant women, elders, or people with a weakened immune system, residing in the property, a post clearance verification that indicate the presence of contaminants in the air is required.

What to do if you have Sewage Damage

What To Do

Identify the cause of the damage and call a plumber

With caution and only if it's safe, take pictures of the damage

Try to contained the affected area

Keep children, pets, and yourself away

Call a certified restoration contractor as soon as possible

What NOT To Do

Do not panic and do not feel ashamed; sewage back-ups are very common

Do not attempt to clean it up yourself

Avoid cross-contamination by walking from affected areas to unaffected areas

Do not turn on the air conditioner, heater, or a fan

Do not remove items without property disinfecting them; this may also cross-contaminate other unaffected areas

24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration Los Angeles

24 Hour Emergency Service

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24 Hour Restoration Services

Commercial and Residential Sewage Cleanup Services

First to Respond Restoration proudly provides remediation services including: water damage repair, fire & smoke damage restoration, sewage cleanup and mold removal.

24 hour restoration services in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

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North Hollywood Sewage Cleanup

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