What is a “Mold Condition?”

What is a Mold Condition?

What is a “Mold Condition?”

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) sets the standards for us as a, Mold Remediation Company to follow. One standard is known as “Condition” which is the indoor air quality state of a particular occupied building.

There are 3 conditions that gives us a starting point:

Condition 1 (The good)
Normal fungi ecology: normal ground of mold presence based on the identity, location and quantity of a reflective ecology for similar indoor environments.

Condition 2 (The bad)
Settled spores: An indoor environment which is confirmed to have microbial spores and are dispersed directly or indirectly from a condition 3 area, also known as cross contamination.

Condition 3 (The ugly)
Actual Growth: Worst case scenario, mold growth that is visible and air contamination is confirmed.

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