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Property Owners: How to Avoid Issues That Can Cost You A LOT of Money


Being a property owner comes with huge responsibilities and many of them involve money.

Yes, being a property owner can be expensive, especially if you are spending your money is costly repairs instead of investing it in maintaining your property. While you may be wondering, what is the difference: spending money in repairs vs. maintenance? Ultimately, the difference is the amount of money you will spend and the surprises you will encountered. While not all issues can be avoided, following the tips below will help prevent damages and save you a lot of money in the long-run.



A Few Examples to Prevent a Fire

  • Regularly clean out the lint trap in your dryer

  • Keep a fire extinguisher (Class K: Cooking Oils) in kitchen

  • Clean the air ducts of your dryer, annually

  • Inspect the oil in your furnace, annually

A Few Examples to Prevent Mold

  • Check your plumbing regularly to detect early signs of leaks

  • Regularly clean your roof gutters

  • Inspect your roof to ensure water has not seeped

  • Regularly clean or replace your HVAC filters


Overall, regularly checking up on things is key. It can lower the chances of exposing your property to dangers such as, leaks, mold, and or fire. While investing in the maintenance of your property may cost you a few hundred dollars a year (or less if done by you), neglecting your property altogether will cost you thousands of dollars, headaches, and unexpectedongoing expenses. Therefore, become familiar with the "Hidden Dangers in Your House" and consider following these tips. In the end, you may save money and your property altogether.  


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