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First To Respond Restoration is a certified Water Damage Restoration firm in the Los Angeles County. We are equipped to arrive at your property quickly, within 45 - 60 minutes or less. This is an important quality of any reputable restoration company because the sooner the water damage is addressed, the less likelihood you will encounter secondary damages.

Are you looking for a restoration company? If you experienced any of these, the answer is most likely, "Yes".

  • Broken pipe 

  • Leaky pipe

  • Sump pump failure

  • Malfunctioning appliance

  • Sink overflowing

  • Bathtub overflowing

  • Toilet overflowing

  • Roof leaks

  • Fire sprinkler leaks

These are just a few examples of the many ways a "water loss" or water damages can occur. If you find yourself in standing water; see signs of visible water damage, for instance, water marks, raised floors, peeling paint; or maybe you can't visibly see water but you are aware it happened, please do your home a favor and call a professional. Calling a restoration company for an assessment will not cost you a penny. As a matter a fact, it may save you money, time, and prevent possible exposure to secondary damages that may put your health at risks. 

Please do not assume your water damage will dry out on its own with this California weather. Act and call us anytime we are available 24/7 or call any other experience certified firm of your choice. Doing so, will lower the risk of exposing your property to secondary damages, such as, microbial growth "mold".

We understand this may be your first water damage experience and with so much information on the internet you may not know where to start. To give you some piece of mind, this is not our first water damage. In fact, our team has a vast experience in water damage clean-ups, dry outs, and most important - dealing and submitting documentation to insurance carriers and adjusters. Please note, if you're insured, there is a possibility your residential or commercial property may be covered by your insurance. Call us and we will assist you with your *insurance claim.

Have you noticed we keep emphasizing secondary damages? This is  because, while water may not seem dangerous, if it is not address appropriate it can destroy your property and be extremely dangerous.

Our certified technicians are highly trained and understand how crucial time is. For this reason, they will show up to your property fast and ready to take action. 

What to expect when we the crew arrives?


While all projects are different, the goals are simply the same:

  • Identify the cause of the water loss;

  • Stop the water intrusion;

  • Inspect anywhere the water could have possibly traveled to;

  • Establish a dry standard;

  • Set a drying goal;

  • Extract as much water as possible;

  • Place the appropriate type and quantity of equipment

  • Monitor the process;

  • DOCUMENTATION, DOCUMENTATION, AND MORE DOCUMENTATION.  Like they say, “if it’s not in paper, it never happened” and unfortunately if documentation is not in place the insurance company is less likely to cover such claim.

What to expect overall and how will we help you?

Respond Quickly & Help You File Your Insurance Claim: 

We take pride in living up to our name first to respond restoration. We aim to arrive at your property in a timely matter and ready to inspect the extent of the damage. In emergency water damages, it is important to get the water out as soon as possible to prevent any chances of microbial growth or secondary damages to unaffected areas. Once the water is out, it's time to set up the drying equipment. We utilize the most advanced drying equipment in the industry to quickly and efficiently dry out a structure. This process usually takes around 3 days.

While the certified water damage technicians handle your water loss, a Project Manager will be assigned to you. He or she will go over the scope of work, step-by-step process of the remediation, and on how to file a claim with your insurance carrier. Once that claim is filed, your insurance will assign an adjuster and you will be provided with a claim number. Throughout the entire process, the project manager will remain in constant communication with you and your insurance adjuster.


Drying & Monitoring Process:

Water damage is not biased to what gets damaged and what doesn't. For example, walls, wood components, contents, flooring and insulation may all be damage when in contact with water. Therefore, our technicians will evaluate the extent of the damage using advanced professional moisture detection equipment and following industry guidelines. As mentioned earlier, the technician will set a "drying goal" and try to meet that goal as efficiently and quickly as possible by utilizing the right tools, equipment, and methods. 

Monitoring the equipment and documentation is important but so is monitoring of the air being dried which is considered the “art” or invisible part of this whole process, called "Atmospheric Readings." These readings are taken with a Thermo-hygrometer which monitors the air temperature and the relative humidity (RH). This tool will let us know throughout the project what is required for optimum drying conditions, which in return, will dry the building materials as quickly as possible.


Restoration Process: 

Once your property has reached its drying goal and it is verified with a moisture meter, that all materials are dried, the equipment will be removed. This is technically the end of the remediation process and the beginning of the restoration or repairs. Since we are licensed general contractors, we are qualified to provide you and your insurance company an estimate for the reconstruction repairs that will need to take place, such as, drywall repair, baseboard replacement, painting, flooring. 

Keep in mind, that as a Certified Water Damage Firm, we do follow industry protocols during the remediation process which means, we aim to be as non-destructive as possible. This is specifically important during the reconstruction phase because your insurance may not cover certain repairs if they believe they were unnecessary. For example, a carpet that was removed instead of dried, or drywall that was cut out yet not justifiable. You can count on our in-house repair team to be able to repair your home back to its pre loss condition.

As you may know by now, there are many factors or “moving parts” in a claim and it’s important you choose a company who is familiar with dealing with insurance companies from beginning to end. First To Respond Restoration has that track record and the confidence to say, “We are that company!”  

Nevertheless, we believe that as a property owner you have the right to choose your preferred contractor. If you have worked with a contractor in the past, or you have a family member that is licensed and you trust to complete the project, we will gladly answer any questions you or your contractor may have to assist you with your repairs claim. 

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Our Restoration Services

  • Structural Drying (less invasive)

  • Crawl Space Remediation

  • Water Damage Remediation

  • Disaster Restoration

  • Commercial Dry Out

  • Water Damage Inspection

  • 24/7 Response Team 

  • Free Estimates *for Property Owners Only

  • Basement Water Damage Clean-up

*Tenants or renters please contact your landlord


Helpful Information

Always think, safety first! Slips and falls & electrical hazards are more common during these events. So, before the professionals arrives, take special caution when dealing with water damage.

What to do before the crew arrives?

  1. Make sure there is a clear path from the entry way to work area.

  2. Remove any personal, valuable, or important items that you may need access to during the remediation process.

  3. If there are any pets in the home, secure them to avoid them entering the work area or possibly getting out since technicians will be in and out of your property.

What Should I Do?

  • Turn off/Stop the water source

  • Keep water from affecting unaffected areas

  • Take photos of any damage for insurance purposes

  • Turn on the A/C to assist with the drying process.  

  • Keep children and pets away

What Not To Do

  • Keep from using electronics

  • Do not dry with news papers, they will stain

  • Do not use standard vacuum to extract water

  • Be aware of sagging or falling ceilings

  • Do not assume damage is dry without proper tools indicating otherwise

  • Do not delay and contact the top water damage cleanup company in Los Angeles

Emergency water damage may not seem harmful at the time but water is the single and utmost destructive element that can extensively deteriorate the structure of your property. Furthermore, a water loss can cause more than just physical damage to your property; It can lead to Mold Contamination that may potentially cause health risks. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fixing any water damage issue's within 24-48 hours is crucial to prevent mold growth. Therefore, immediate mitigation (to reduce or minimize further damage) is required. The best course of action is to not hesitate and call the Los Angeles Water Restoration clean-up professionals. We provide free estimates to property owners only. If you happened to be a renter, please contact your landlord.

Will Your Insurance Company Cover Your Damage?

This question always arises amongst our clients. Unfortunately, the only ones that can determine the coverage for your water loss is your your insurance company. As the policy holder, your responsibility is to mitigate the property damage as soon as possible. By calling a professional water damage company, your insurance is more likely to validate your efforts in minimizing the damage. Instead of making you liable for negligence if you ignore the issue. At First to Respond Restoration, we have the knowledge and experience in working with your insurance carrier. Call the top water damage remediation company in Los Angeles today. We work with all insurance companies and use their approved estimating software.

*Not all claims are covered by insurance