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First to Respond Restoration specializes strictly in property damage restoration. While we consider ourselves a full-service restoration company or a one stop shop, we do not do Asbestos Abatement, or any sort of Testing (e.g., Mold, Lead, Asbestos); We advise clients to hire their own or to use a company in our referral list.

We are firm believers that when it comes to testing and remediation work, these two separate jobs should be conducted by two separate companies to avoid a conflict of interest. A Testing Company should test the job and report if remediation work is even required or the testing company should test the job after remediation work to verify the work was done properly and levels of mold spores are at an acceptable level. Essentially, the testing company is responsible to grade the restoration companies’ work and decide if your property is safe. Would you trust their integrity to make fair decisions when evaluating their own work or those of their coworkers? Technically, that is what happens when hiring one company to do both.

We value our company’s credibility and our customer’s health. For this reason, we provide our clients a complimentary list of well-rated businesses that we have no affiliation with. We cannot guarantee or warrant the quality work or performance of another company other than our own; however, working with these companies on several projects, they have proven to be experts in their fields, have a quick turnaround time, and excellent customer services.

Testing Companies

3 West Environmental

Contact: Tim
Phone: (310) 400-0195

Bye Bye Mold

Contact: George
Phone: (818) 621-5771


Contact: Frank
Phone: (310) 901-3102

VM3 Environmental

Contact: Nick
Phone: (866) 513-6653

Asbestos Abatement

Alliance Environmental Group, LLC.

Contact: Walter
Phone: (626) 633-3500

P.W. Stephens

Contact: Danny
Phone: (714) 614-8830


Quick Flo Plumbing

Contact: Phil
Phone: (323) 610-2812


King’s Power Electric, Inc.

Contact: Michael
Phone: (661) 236-9897

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