COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Covid-19 Cleaning Services

Covid-19 professional cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area

As a family owned Restoration Company in the San Fernando Valley, we want to provide the additional service of Covid-19 cleanup to help keeping our community, family, and friends’ safe. With the overwhelming information and scare tactics found across the web and social media sites, First to Respond Restoration wants to bring a sense of knowledge, professionalism and expertise during these rocky times. The legitimate concern today is the health and safety of your family members or employees, while Covid-19 is still a serious threat in our local communities.

Covid-19 Cleaning Services

First To Respond Restoration specializes in the deep cleaning of commercial properties to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Our team is prepared to provide private homes, schools, businesses, commercial buildings, and government buildings efficient, reliable cleaning services. We also provide preventive services that help in the opening of private schools, public schools, private and public business. In addition, we also provide COVID-19 cleaning services for work fleet vehicles.

Cleaning and disinfecting your home or work facility

The most common call is when a building or home has had a person who tested positive for Covid 19 in the building According to the CDC; affected areas require isolation – people to be kept away from area for several hours before performing the cleaning task. While the cleaning is in effect, proper ventilation should be part of the cleaning program, including the use of only EPA registered “N” disinfectant products which can be found on the CDC website. The proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as, wearing a mask and gloves, need to be used at all time while performing the cleaning. During this process, the focus should be the area(s) the person with Covid-19 was located. If you vacuum, a HEPA vacuum should be used to gather any particulates and prevent them from being dispersed back into the environment. For more information on this please visit:

First to Respond Restoration Los Angeles Covid-19 Cleaning Services include:

Disinfection and deep cleaning services are available for commercial, industrial, and residential properties including but not limited to:

Private and Public Schools

Day Care Centers

Offices and Warehouses




Manufacturing Facilities

Shipping Containers

Private Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Public Servant Vehicles (Police, Fire Department, Etc.)

How do we clean Covid-19 affected areas?

Personal protection equipment is the first and foremost to protect the building occupants and our technicians. First to Respond Restoration understands the effect of Covid-19 not only physically but the mental state as well. Educating our clients on our cleaning process and communication is what sets a proper foundation for a thorough cleaning process.

For a copy of our cleaning process email us directly at for more information on our cleaning process, re-entry protocol programs developed by our head safety program manager.


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Los Angeles Covid-19 Cleaning Services

Home and Business Covid-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Services

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Our team has made a commitment to provide professional disinfecting services that will provide knowledge, experience and peace of mind. We care about our Los Angeles community and want to do our part to provide these services to business owners, property owners, realtors, and property managers in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation to go over your specific case.

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